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Chongqing MNT Technology Co.,Ltd

Компания Chongqing Mernott Shock absorber Co., Ltd. была основана в 2019 году,
На данный момент площадь компании составляет 4900 квадратных метров.

В настоящее время компания самостоятельно разработала и произвела десятки амортизаторов, годовой объем продаж амортизаторов для внедорожных мотоциклов достиг 120 000 комплектов.

Благодаря постоянному развитию и инновациям компания получила 13 национальных патентов, которые прошли сертификацию системы менеджмента качества ISO9001.

Компания ссылается на зарубежные требования к оборудованию для тестирования МТС.

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Chongqing MNT shock absorber Co.,ltd
enterprise profile
Chongqing Mernott Shock absorber Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, with an area of 4,900 square meters. Main production and operation before reducing single cavity double adjustable, double cavity double adjustable, three adjustable, recovery and compression adjustable (a compression, a recovery, spring, adjustable), after reducing three adjustable (recovery, compression high and low speed double adjustable) and direction dampers is widely used in cross-country, restoring ancient ways, ADV, high-end electric motorcycle in the shock absorber products.
Through the introduction and training of talents, we have cultivated a group of excellent talents in the design, manufacturing and management of shock absorber, with 20 management personnel, 7 technical personnel, 2 quality inspection personnel and 25 ordinary employees. At present, it has independently developed and produced dozens of shock absorber products, and the annual sales volume of off-road motorcycle shock absorber has reached 120,000 sets. Through continuous development and innovation, the company has obtained 13 national patents, which has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.
Company refers to foreign MTS testing equipment requirements, customized a number of advanced equipment. There are 3 sets of damping testing equipment, which are used for testing, tensile strength, pressure, durability, spring damping, damper durability, static friction, and front and rear damping value in the process of reduced production site. In addition, it is equipped with a lifting roughness tester, a hardness tester, a layer thickness tester, a drum testing machine, a 1.2 * 1.2 inspection platform, several measuring tools, and several parts post-processing equipment.
At present, the whole inspection process of the production site includes the front reducing outer cylinder shaft sleeve, oil seal, anti-dust resistance and other dimensions before the test. The fork tube appearance, inner hole and reverse roll are fully selected, each damping debugging to ensure that the damping adjustable performance is qualified, to ensure that the torsion force tools and equipment for each process give full play to its performance. Full appearance, total length, aperture and leakage test of the finished product, rear reducing piston, valve piece, connecting rod, regulating core, damping cylinder, joint, lower fork (bracket) and other parts, damping full check, spring height full check to ensure that each pre-pressure is consistent.
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